934 Gallery showcases over 2,700 square feet of exhibition space in the Milo-Grogan district of Columbus, Ohio. The gallery was born in the spirit of our neighbors at Milo Arts, a thriving artist community (housed within a mammoth 1894 elementary school) that aims to restore this historic neighborhood and its vibrant community.

934 Gallery features local, national and international artists. The gallery focuses on bringing a fresh perspective to contemporary art through exciting and thought-provoking exhibitions, installations, performances and public art projects.

All gallery staff members are volunteers. 

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C U R R E N T   S T A F F  

Abigail Hartung: Executive Director

Lisa Steward: Director of Exhibitions & Lead PR Coordinator

Liz Martin: 934 Volunteer Coordinator

Johnny Riddle: Sponsor Relations Coordinator

Sarah Achor: Event Facilitator

Kathryn Seyerle: Event Facilitator

Cassidy Buck: Lead Promotional Designer

Heather Taylor: Lead Photographer/Videographer

Cora Lange: Gallery Assistant

Dru Batte: Assistant Photographer

Juli Sasaki: Community Outreach Liason

Andy Meyer: Artist Relations

Elizabeth Clowes: Artist Relations

Olivia Dawson: Installation Assistant


P R I O R   S T A F F / R E T U R N I N G   G U E S T   C O N T R I B U T O R S

Mark Warren Jacques: Founding Director

Kyle Charles: Founder

Curtis Cole: Founder, Photographer

Jamie Abbott: Gallery Administrator  

Daniel S. Loper: Director of Operations

Maxwell Chamberlain: Creative Director

Amorelle Jacox: Gallery Assistant

Blake Anthony Ray Miller: Street Team

Nolan Rogers: Gallery Assistant

Tito Davis: Gallery Assistant

Genevi Schindehutte: Development Coordinator

Ethan Wehrly: 934 Fest Stage Manager

Aaron Theesfeld: Gallery Assistant

Sarah Manthey: Assistant Photographer


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All inquires, email: 934gallery@934gallery.org