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Zones : David Wien, James Mitchell, Mark Warren Jacques

ZONES : David Wien, James Douglas Mitchell, Mark Warren Jacques

934 Cleveland Ave., Columbus, OH 43201
October 3 - October 24, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 3, 6 pm - Midnight

*This exhibition is free and open to the public.

Click to view Artwork from David Wien here

Click to view Artwork from James Mitchell here

East coast, West coast, and Midwest meet at the intersection of shape and color in 934 Gallery’s ZONES exhibition, featuring the work of James Douglas Mitchell, David Wien, and Mark Warren Jacques, three artists who have crisscrossed the nation in their creative trajectories.  ZONES evokes moods of contrast, reflection, and discovery.  Whether defined by temperatures, elements, land uses, comfort levels, or other imperceptible states of being and mentality, we are constantly encountering new zones.  Enter the consciousness of these artists and experience the zones they have captured along the journey.

David Wien (b. 1980, Rutland, Vermont) migrated across the nation from Vermont to northern California, making his nest in Upstate New York and Portland, Oregon, in between. The work of this painter, sculptor, musician, skater, and surfer has found its groove in a state of condensed colorblock intensity, evoking Picasso and Matisse with the sway of modern design. He began exhibiting art in public spaces more than a decade ago with interludes in Chicago and Grand Rapids, Michigan, before heading west.  Now in the remote reaches of Redwood country, he is pursuing a new zone.  Wien received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York.

James Douglas Mitchell (b. 1984, San Diego, California) has transitioned from touring as a musician to reawakening his proclivity for the visual arts through a graphic design background.  His pieces embrace the unexpected; beginning as paper collage and transforming into screen prints, Mitchell brings abstract forms to life in solid colors with hints of composition from old photographs and shapes that flirt with suggestions of raw fun. Mitchell’s work has been exhibited at White Walls, San Francisco, and Breeze Block Gallery, Portland. He is currently engaged as a designer and illustrator for Tom Tom Magazine, an artful quarterly about female drummers. The self-taught artist now hails from Brooklyn, New York.

Mark Warren Jacques (b. 1984, Columbus, Ohio) lives and works at Milo Arts in Columbus, Ohio. After a decade-long western stint, including Portland and San Francisco, MWJ has returned to his roots, founding 934 Gallery in the very place that first struck his art nerve. From street art origins, Jacques’ current work comprises intricate lines and patterns accenting bold shapes and colors. His work has been exhibited in spaces near and far, including ROY G BIV (Columbus, Ohio), Number 35 Gallery (Chelsea, New York), A&D Gallery (Barcelona, Spain) and The Forum (Melbourne, Australia). Jacques is currently represented by White Walls, San Francisco, and Thinkspace Gallery, Culver City, Los Angeles, and has upcoming exhibitions at The Honolulu Museum of Art, Hawaii, and SCOPE at Art Basel Miami.